Introduction to Tsinghua Department of Psychology

Tsinghua Department of Psychology was first founded in autumn 1926 by leading psychologists Tang Yue, Sun Guohua and Zhou Xiangeng. These scholars are the founding fathers of psychology in China. The psychology department was one of the six departments in the College of Science at Tsinghua University. Under the influence of disciplinary adjustment in 1952, the department was consolidated by Peking University.

The Tsinghua Department of psychology has contributed immensely in bringing out talents. At the founding stage, scholars such as Tang Yue, Sun Guohua, Shen Lv, Chen Li were not only pioneers, but also founders of Chinese psychology. They trained numerous first-class psychologists and scholars who enjoyed great reputation both at home and abroad. For instance, the pioneer in livestock artificial fertilization technology; Zhen Peiliu, class of 1933, was the founding father of IVF (In vitro fertilization), also a member of the Amercian Academy of Sciences.; Zhang Minjue,, class of 1933, became a leading psychologist in China; so did Cao Richang, class of 1935. In addition, the psychology department cultivated a group of leaders in the field of psychology such as Lin Chuanding, Xu Liancang, Shao Jiao, Shen Decan and Xu Zhengyuan

In 2008, Department of psychology of Tsinghua University was re-established, headed by Dr. Kaiping Peng, a tenured professor of UC Berkeley. By now, the department has attracted talents from the world over and formed a strong scientific research team. At present, Tsinghua Department of Psychology mainly focuses on three major research directions-cognitive neuroscience, cultural and social psychology, and clinical psychology. Along with the research emphasis, the department has set up corresponding ERP lab, virtual reality lab, behavioral experiments labs and public teaching room, which provide reliable supports for both research and teaching. So far, the department has admitted undergraduate students for two years, and also recruited and trained dozens of graduate students, PhDs, and postdoctoral research fellows.

From the 1926 establishment, the 1952 adjustment, to the 2008 reestablishment, Tsinghua Department of Psychology has travelled through decades of endeavors, trials and hardship. Now, bridging the east and the west, liberal arts and science, all students and faculty of Department of Psychology are doing their best to explore a path of technical innovation in scientific research and teaching with relentless effort.